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This symposium aims to provide the reference for the study of the outskirts of galaxies, both in terms of our current understanding and to prepare an optimal exploitation of upcoming facilities. The stellar, dust and gas content of galaxy outskirts will be discussed, going from resolved stellar populations in the Local Group to the study of high-redshift systems. Such a broad approach is needed to improve our knowledge on the assembly and evolution of these elusive regions and to establish their role on the evolution of galaxies as a whole and on their interplay between these galaxies and the intergalactic medium surrounding them.

The symposium also serves to celebrate the achievements of the EU-funded initial training network (ITN) DAGAL (Detailed Anatomy of GALaxies, PI J. H. Knapen, see www.dagalnetwork.eu). This network will come to the end of its 4-year duration at the end of March 2016, and the 4th annual meeting of DAGAL has been expanded into this international conference. DAGAL is a network of six academic partners (IAC Tenerife, UCM Madrid, Groningen, Oulu, Marseille, and MPIA) which has employed ten research fellows, 2 postdocs and 8 PhD students. Most of these fellows will give presentations on their research work during dedicated sessions at the symposium. The DAGAL team invites you to celebrate their achievements with them during IAUS 321.

During five days, from March 14th to 18th 2016, participants will discuss galaxy outskirts, which have been very hard to observe and therefore often ignored, while enjoying the enriching atmosphere of the medieval “City of the Three Cultures”, Toledo (Spain), since 1986 UNESCO World Heritage Site and on 2016 also Gastronomy Capital of Spain. We look forward to seeing you in Toledo.

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See you in Toledo in March!