Key Speakers

The list of review and invited contributions to the IAUS321 “Formation and evolution of galaxy outskirts” is currently being defined, so it is not yet complete.

Confirmed invited speakers+reviewers and round-table participants so far include:
Roberto Abraham
Lia Athanassoula
John Beckman

Fabio Bresolin
Marcella Carollo
Hsiao-Wen Chen

Neil Crighton
Romeel Davé
Victor P. Debattista
Avishai Dekel
Annette Ferguson

Francesca Figueras
Duncan Forbes

Barry Madore
Cláudia Mendes de Oliveira
Ivan Minchev
Reynier Peletier
R. Michael Rich
Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez
Joop Schaye
Linda Tacconi
Patricia Tissera
Ignacio (Nacho) Trujillo

Celia Verdugo
Emily Wisnioski