Below is the updated (on Tuesday, March 15th) list of posters presented at the IAUS321 (you can also find it here in PDF format):

Poster titleName (First)Name (Last)AffiliationPoster ID
A Study of the Distributions of Surface Brightness Profiles of Galaxies in their Central RegionsFaezehAghaeeInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)2
Determining Metal Abundances of Distant Galaxies using Quasar SpectraAlirezaAghaeeUniversity of Sistan and Baluchestan3
Resolving the Disk-Halo Degeneracy: A look at M74SuryashreeAniyanAustralian National Univeristy5
A New Mass Conversion Law for CO ObservationsPeterBarnesUniversity of Florida11
A Spitzer Study of Pseudobulges in S0 Galaxies: Secular Evolution of DisksSudhanshuBarwaySAAO, Cape Town, South Africa12
Magnetic fields at the rim of spiral galaxiesEduardoBattanerUniversity of Granada14
Halo Masses of Ultra Diffuse GalaxiesMikeBeasleyInstituto de Astrofisica de Canarias15
Velocity Dispersion Profile with Halo K Giant Spectra from LAMOSTSarahBirdShanghai Astronomical Observatory21
The stellar outskirts of early-type galaxies with the Mitchell integral-field SpectrographNicholasBoardmanUniversity of St Andrews22
Why are abrupt breaks found in edge-on galaxy discs and not in the discs of face-on galaxies?AlejandroBorlaffIAC - Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias25
Studying the galaxies outskirts in HI and NIR: Environmental effects and galaxy evolution in nearby clustersHectorBravo-AlfaroUniversidad de Guanajuato, Mexico29
Probing the outer regions of edge-on galaxies with deep imagingNoahBroschDept. of Astrophysics, Tel Aviv University33
The Plane Truth: Andromeda analog thin Planes of Satellites are not kinematical coherent structuresTobiasBuckMPIA35
Understanding biases when fitting disk truncationsNicolásCardielUniversidad Complutense de Madrid37
Spatially-resolved SFR in nearby disk galaxies using IFS dataCristinaCatalán TorrecillaUniversidad Complutense de Madrid41
How galaxies look-like beyond 31mag/arcsec^2?MaríaCebriánInstituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)42
The Evolution of Interacting Spiral Galaxy NGC 5194RuixiangChangShanghai Astronomical Observatory44
Finding the Hidden Features Around GalaxiesBogdanCiamburCentre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University47
Probing the low surface brightness outskirts of Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxiesLuisCicuendezInstituto de Astrof¡sica de Canarias48
Studying the kinematics of the outskirts of lenticular galaxies: hidden signs of their formation historiesAriannaCortesiIAG - USP51
Star Formation Activity in Balmer Break Galaxies at zJorgeDiaz TelloInstituto Astronomia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico58
Strong limit on variation of the fine-structure constant using absorption line multiplets in the early universeLeDuc ThongDepartment of Physics, Center for Natural Science60
Investigating Environmental Trends in the Outer Visible Edges of Dwarf Irregular GalaxiesJacquelineDunnMidwestern State University63
Halpha kinematics of nearby galaxies using Fabry-Perot and IFU dataSantiagoErroz FerrerETH Zurich70
Stellar Feedback and Magnetic Fields on the Gas Loss Process of Dwarf GalaxiesDiegoFalceta-GoncalvesUniversidade de Sao Paulo71
Redshift evolution of the Tully-Fisher relation in the EAGLE simulationSantiago IsmaelFerreroInstituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental (IATE)74
Circumgalactic Gas in Galaxies Going Through a Gas Accretion EventMercedesFilhoInstituto Astrofísica de Canarias76
Are ``U-shape`` age profiles a universal feature in spiral galaxies?EstrellaFloridoUniversidad de Granada77
beyond the wall: untold tales from the outer kinematics of 25 SLUGGS early-type galaxiesCarolineFosterAustralian Astronomical Observatory80
Modeling the kinematics and star formation history of Andromeda II by a gas-rich major merger of dwarf galaxiesSylvainFouquetNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center81
The radial profiles of gas disks in semi-analytic models of galaxy formationJianFuShanghai Astronomical Observatory83
Stripping of satellites on prograde and retrograde orbitsGrzegorzGajdaN. Copernicus Astronomical Center85
Star Formation in Low-Mass Star-Forming Galaxies at intermediate redshiftsJesusGallegoUniversidad Complutense de Madrid86
Outskirts of star forming blue early-type galaxiesKoshyGeorgeIndian Institute of Astrophysics88
The Details from the 3D-spectroscopy of Starforming GalaxiesSusannaHakopianByurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Armenia93
Stellar Spiral Structures in Triaxial Dark Matter HaloesShaoranHuInstitute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge100
The chemical enrichment of Milk Way HaloThaisIdiartIAG/USP102
A new concept of transonic galactic outflows and its application to the Sombrero galaxyAsukaIgarashiUniversity of Tsukuba103
Low luminosity AGNs in the Local UniverseTubaIkizAtaturk University & Kapteyn Astronomical Institute104
Unveiling the Formation History of the Massive Elliptical Galaxy M105 through Resolved StarsIn SungJangSeoul National University107
Tracing the giant outer halo of the intriguing massive disk galaxy M104 with globular cluster systemsJisuKangSeoul National University110
Study of the growth of massive galaxies based on their outer stellar populationsEminKarabalESO111
Bar-driven secular evolution on disk galaxies: what's shaping disk galaxies?TaehyunKimKASI116
KMTNet Nearby Galaxy SurveyMinjinKimKorea Astronomy and Space Science Institute117
Multilateral Study of the Formation of the Andromeda Giant Stellar StreamTakanobuKiriharaUniversity of Tsukuba118
Beyond the Edge of M87: Intracluster Globular Clusters in the Virgo ClusterYoukyungKoSeoul National University120
Orbit anisotropy of dark matter haloes with Schwarzschild modelingKlaudiaKowalczykNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center124
Investigation into the Origin of Age-Velocity dispersion Relation by High Resolution SimulationJunKumamotoAstronomical Institute, Tohoku University126
On the colors of barlenses and their link to B/P bulgesHerrera EndoquiMartínUniversity of Oulu128
Chemical Evolution of Resolved Stars in the cD Galaxy M87 and its OutskirtsMyung GyoonLeeSeoul National University130
On the physics of negative signatures in velocity profiles of Galactic NebulaeEricssonLopezQuito Astronomical Observatory, Ecuador136
Molecular Gas in High-Redshift Sub-millimeter GalaxiesJamesLowenthalSmith College137
Baryonic and dark matter mass distributions in disk galaxiesThomasMartinssonIAC140
Probing the origin of thick disks using ultra-deep imagesCristinaMartínez LombillaInstituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)143
A survey of molecular clouds in the outer Galaxy with the highest spatial resolutionMitsuhiroMatsuoKagoshima University/National Astronomical Observatory of Japan145
Ultra-deep observations of the stellar halos of spiral galaxies: Results from the Dragonfly Telephoto ArrayAllisonMerrittYale University148
Super-massive black holes hidden in the outskirts of galaxiesSteffenMieskeEuropean Southern Observatory150
Metallicity Limits For Smith`s Cloud From OH ObservationsAnthony MinterNRAO152
Origin of the Metallicity Distribution in the Thick DiscMaiderMirandaUniversity of Central Lancashire153
Resolving the stellar outskirts of six Milky Way-like galaxies beyond the Local GroupAntonelaMonachesiMax Planck Institute for Astrophysics155
The buildup of the outskirts of massive galaxiesMireiaMontesYale156
Stellar Tidal Streams as Cosmological DiagnosticsGustavoMoralesHeidelberg University157
Search for molecular gas in XUV disk of M83KanaMorokumaNAOJ158
Tracing of the chemical evolution of the massive elliptical galaxy NGC 3377 using a merger scenarioTetyanaNykytyukMain Astronomical Observatory NAS Ukraine166
Outer spiral structure in disk galaxiesPanosPatsisResearch Center for Astronomy, Academy of Athens170
Mapping the tidally disrupting Andromeda XXVII and its stellar streamJanetPrestonUniversity of Surrey178
Asymmetries in extremely isolated galaxies. The case of CIG96PabloRamirez-MoretaInstituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC)187
The evolution of S0s with UV bright ring: a SWIFT-UVOT studyRobertoRampazzoINAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova188
Comparison between circumnuclear and external HII regions with CALIFA dataMarinaRodríguez BarasUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid192
Connecting interacting galaxies with manifoldsMerceRomero-GomezICCUB-IEEC193
How the galactic cirrus are affecting your observations?JavierRománInstituto de Astrofísica de Canarias194
Insight on Star Formation in the Outskirts of Galaxies with SITELLELaurieRousseau-NeptonUniversit‚ Laval, Canada195
No direct coupling between bending of galaxy disc stellar age and light profiles as seen from CALIFATomásRuiz-LaraUniversity of Granada197
Comparison of observed and simulated P/B/X/barlens galaxiesHeikkiSaloAstronomy/Univ. Oulu, Finland199
Exploring the spatially-resolved stellar populations of nearby galaxies with multi-filter surveys: A 2-D study of the ALHAMBRA galaxiesIzaskunSan RomanCEFCA200
The sigma-bump in the outskirts of elliptical galaxies: a signature for Major MergersAnnaSchauerITA, University of Heidelberg203
Formation and evolution of spiral arms in galaxies orbiting a Virgo-like clusterMarcinSemczukNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences205
Stellar Populations of Dwarf Elliptical GalaxiesSeydaSenKapteyn Astronomical Institute206
Outer stellar disks and starforming rings in S0 galaxiesOlgaSilchenkoSternberg Astronomical Institute of the Lomonosov MSU208
The extended ionized gas filaments in Mrk 6AleksandrinaSmirnovaSpecial Astrophysical Observatory209
Galaxies Unveiled: Rest-frame UV Clumps at 0.5 < z < 1.5EmmarisSotoCUA/GSFC210
Real and simulated IFU observations of low-mass early-types: environmental influence probed for cluster galaxiesAgnieszkaSybilska (Rys)ESO - Garching212
Warped invariant manifolds in precessing galactic bar modelsPatriciaS nchez-Mart¡nURL215
A Citizen-Science-enabled Comprehensive Search for XUV-disk GalaxiesDavidThilkerThe Johns Hopkins University218
Structure and dynamics of the Milky Way disk as revealed from the radial velocity distributions of APOGEE red clump starsDaisukeToyouchiTohoku university219
Star formation outside the Elliptical Galaxy NGC2865FernandaUrrutia-ViscarraU. de La Serena223
The mass distribution of S4G disk galaxiesDíaz GarcíaSimónUniversity of Oulu228
The outskirts of satellite galaxies in nearby groups of galaxiesJaanVennikTartu Observatory229
Submillimetric study of nearby galaxies: NGC 253, NGC 4945 and Arp 220IlhuiyolitzinVillicaña PedrazaUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid232
Revisiting the galaxy HI size-mass relationJingWangCASS, Sydney235
The Outskirts of the Antennae with MUSEPeterWeilbacherLeibniz-Institut fr Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)237
Recent Star Formation in the HI dominant outer regions of Early Type GalaxiesMustafa KursadYildizKapteyn Astronomical Institute241
Galaxy close pairs in MaNGAFangtingYuanShanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS242
How big are stellar disks?JielaiZhangUniversity of Toronto244
Extended stellar population profiles of nearby disk galaxiesZhengZhengNAOC246
What can resolved stellar populations tell us about the evolution of dSph galaxies?André‚sdel Pino MolinaNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (CAMK)248